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The professionals of Charlotte Psychotherapy & Consultation Group (CPCG) provide psychological tools to improve the lives of adults and children.  A child, an adolescent, or an adult may be hindered by unwanted or excessive emotions such as anxiety, depression, fear or anger and may wish to learn more effective ways to manage existing feelings.


Some people feel weighed down by worrisome or disturbing thoughts.  Other people are burdened by distressing behaviors such as sleep difficulties, procrastination, anger outbursts or addictive or repetitive behaviors. You may just have difficulty coping with the stress of daily life. Learning or attention disorders may impede your success or the success of your child.  Still other people may want to learn better ways to manage reactions to everyday challenges and find ways to lessen their emotional reactions to unexpected events.


The professionals at CPCG use a variety of techniques to help individuals, couples, and families improve the quality of their lives.  We offer individual therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.  Psychological assessment and evaluation are also available when necessary.  Psycho-educational assessment is also provided to investigate possible learning or attentional challenges.  CPCG offers forensic psychological services that include child custody assessment, psychological evaluations ordered by the court, attorney-consultation, trial consultation, and other forensic psychological services that will assist attorneys and the courts.


In addition to the clinical services, CPCG provides consultation services to business leaders to help them and their organizations be more effective.  Individually customized business improvement solutions are designed and implemented through executive coaching, leadership training, process quality and team building strategies.

Our offices are conveniently located on Sharon Amity Road in Charlotte, North Carolina


Individual, couple, family, and group therapy to treat a variety of issues.   <<Learn More


Adolescent Boys and Men's Group Therapy Sessions.  <<Find a session


Forensic psychological evaluations that include domestic family and criminal evaluations as well as expert testimony. <<Learn More


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We offer leadership coaching and training and team building engagements to strengthen team communication, decision making, trust and conflict resolution.  <<Start Now

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