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Services Offered


Psychotherapy can help with a wide range of issues, some of which are listed below.  We offer a full range of psychotherapeutic services and treatment options.


      Individual Therapy for adults, children and adolescents


     Family Therapy

       Group Therapy

               -Men’s Therapy Group


      Marriage and couple’s counseling


      Recovery maintenance  


     Evaluative Services

                   -Psychological evaluation

                   -Psychoeducational evaluation

                   -Forensic (child custody and visitation) evaluations

                   -Parental Fitness

                   -Mental Health Examination

                   -Personal Injury


      Coaching and Organizational Development

                   -Executive and Life Coaching: helping individuals develop goals and the skills and action plans to  

                     accomplish them.  Coaching assists clients with goal setting, decision making and skill acquisition.        

                   -Leadership training and development

                   -Team building

                   -Organizational effectiveness

Anxiety Disorders            Mood Disorders             Issues of Childhood             Life Transition Issues

Generalized Anxiety & Panic

Social Anxiety

School Anxiety



Post-traumatic Stress

Situational depression

Chronic depression

Major depression

Bipolar disorder

Anger Management



Oppositional disorder

Asperger's Disorder

Educational evaluations

Social skills deficits

Parenting Issues


Relationship difficulties


Loss of job/burnout


Loss of a loved one

Caretaker fatigue

Eating Disorder


Issues Treated