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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do people seek professional counseling?

When considering mental health services, it is helpful to think of two factors:  the intensity of your distress, and the duration of the problem.   A general rule is that two full weeks of moderate to intense distress is a good reason to seek an appointment with a mental health professional.


Q. Is this service confidential?

Yes. Both state laws and ethical codes of conduct for mental health professionals mandate confidentiality of identity and information shared.  Exceptions are in emergency situations where issues of safety are involved and when engaged in litigation and there is a court order directing release of information.


Q. What ages are served by the professionals of CPCG?

At CPCG, we offer a broad range of services that cover the lifespan.  We have therapists who work with children, adolescents, young adults, middle and older adults, couples, and families.


Q. Do you have group therapy available?

Yes.  Group therapy is offered by some of the clinicians at CPCG.  Groups meet during the day and evening.  Group therapy focuses on specific problems or specific populations, such as our men’s adult group.


Q. Who do I call if I need medication?

Psychotropic medication is only prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner, such as a general practitioner, pediatrician, or child/adult psychiatrist.  Upon request, your therapist can provide you with a list of referrals.


Q. How long will I need to come?

The therapy process varies widely.  Some people may find what they need in 1-3 sessions.  Other people may come in for many months.  Early in treatment, your therapist will talk with you about the scope of treatment, the length of treatment, and the course of treatment.  


Q. How long does a typical session last?

Individual sessions run from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the type of session.  Group sessions usually last longer – up to 90 minutes.


Q. How much does therapy cost? Do you file insurance?

Each CPCG therapist sets his/her own fee schedule and billing/insurance practices. Fees at CPCG are in line with local professional fees. At this time, none of the therapists at Charlotte Psychotherapy and Consultation Group participate on insurance panels. Of the therapists, only Dr. Deitchman will be able to assist you in filing insurance.


Q. What if I need hospitalization?

In some situations, your clinician might be able to assist in advising and arranging for hospitalization or detox.  


Q. How do I get started?

Review the information and bios available on this website.  If you see one or more therapists who you are interested in contacting, please call each therapist for an appointment or for a brief consultation over the phone.  You may also email the therapist to arrange an initial phone call or appointment.


Q.  Who do I call if I wish to have a consultation about a child custody matter?

Any and all consultations regarding child custody matters must be initiated by your attorney. Although the therapists at CPCG will work with parents and children involved in child custody matters, we do not involve ourselves in providing expert testimony. Dr. Gould may be asked by your attorney or the court to conduct a child custody evaluation, but therapists work to maintain the confidential nature of your therapy as a “safe haven.”


Q.  Who do I call if I wish to have a consultation about a personal injury claim?

Our therapists are available to talk with children and adults about emotional and psychological issues related to a personal injury. Therapists, however, do not conduct personal injury evaluations and do not offer expert opinions about whether a therapy client has or has not sustained an injury.  Opinions about what may have caused the emotional and psychological issues associated with an injury are generally offered by forensic psychological evaluators who conduct comprehensive assessments.  In our practice, Dr. Gould conducts personal injury evaluations. If you are interested in having a personal injury evaluation conducted, have your attorney contact Dr. Gould.

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