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Jonathan Gould, Ph. D ABPP - Licensed Psychologist

Jonathan W. Gould holds a diplomate in forensic psychology and specializes in matters related to family law that include all aspects of child custody and parental fitness.  He also conducts evaluations in areas related to juvenile law as well as evaluations addressing personal injury, post traumatic stress, fitness for duty, and criminal forensic psychological assessments.


Dr. Gould received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany and completed a year of supervised training in marriage, family and sex therapy at the Penn Council for Relationships (formerly the Marriage Council of Philadelphia). He achieved his board certification in forensic psychology in 2007.


Dr. Gould’s practice takes him across the country, consulting with attorneys and testifying. He has conducted more than 350 court-appointed child custody evaluations, 1500 parental fitness evaluations, and 1000 psychological evaluations. He provides review/critique services to attorneys interested in assessing the quality of reports such as child custody assessments, parental fitness/competency assessments, psychological assessments, and related evaluations.


Dr. Gould has authored or co-authored more than seven books, about a dozen book chapters, and more than one hundred peer-reviewed articles that emphasize the application of forensic psychological knowledge to legal issues. He has written about child custody assessment, alienation dynamics, domestic violence, relocation assessment, sexual abuse, child maltreatment, post traumatic stress, cultural and diversity factors, psychological testing, among other topics.


His most recent books include co-author of Psychological Experts in Divorce Actions (PEDA: 6th edition) published in 201 and the 2016, 2017 supplements to PEDA.  His most recent manuscript is expected to be published in 2018 addressing new directions in child custody assessment.  He is author of the first and second edition of Conducting Scientifically Crafted Child Custody Evaluations and senior author of The Art and Science of Child Custody Evaluations.


Dr. Gould has served on the faculty of the National Family Law Trial Institute based at the South Texas College of Law.  He has been involved as a faculty member in family law trial advocacy institutes since 2002,.  He teaches attorneys, judges, and mental health professionals about the application of psychological science to family law matters and the relationship between forensic psychological methodology and rules of evidence useful in Daubert and Daubert-type hearings.


Dr. Gould’s philosophy in offering forensic psychological services is based on the importance of proffering expert opinions informed by research, professional standards and guidelines, current case law, and empirically sound methods and procedures.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling 704-364-0452 x5

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