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1280 Organizational coaching and consult

Coaching and Organizational Consulting


Rob Adelman, M.S.W., has been working with organizations, leaders and individuals since 1985 to help them work more effectively and efficiently.  Rob has worked with leaders to help them learn new skills and overcome obstacles to positively impact leadership.


His work focuses on team building, increasing personal performance, and improving key work processes.  He also facilitates change and conflict management strategies in the workplace. His work with individuals and teams is based on the philosophy that focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses yields the greatest positive change.  


Leaders are the most impactful to their organizations when they build effective partnerships to make their organizations, teams and employees better.  They do this by providing direction and coaching, clarifying objectives and strategies, and helping to remove obstacles that impede success.  Rob’s coaching methods help to develop leaders and leadership teams to serve their organizations in these ways.

Coaching and Organizational Services

•Leadership assessment and development through coaching, training, peer and employee feedback instruments


•Specializing in working with family owned businesses


•Team and trust building, conflict resolution  


•Coaching individuals through life transitions such as career setbacks, planning for life after retirement, divorce, loss of employment, burnout


•Building productive and effective work teams


•BPI (Business Process Improvement):  teaching leaders and teams BPI principles and methods to create and refine more effective and efficient  business functions such as customer service, sales, leadership team decision making, employee recognition and performance management


•Change management


•Succession planning

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