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Transition to Work (T2W)


The Transition to Work program (T2W) helps increase self-confidence and teaches valuable skills that will prepare and assist adults with their transition to the professional setting. This virtual seminar will help adults learn how to navigate the realities of the professional world and form new relationships beyond networking. Sessions are led by recognized, tenured business professionals and include key strategies that can be applied immediately to make the jump successfully to the workforce.


This program is based upon the foundational principles of the recognized and successful Transition to University (T2U) program. The T2U program has been shown to be highly successful in helping young adults make the transition from high school to college, with participants reporting greater confidence and positive adjustment to their new setting. This important developmental transition and research is highlighted in the Transition to Success book series by Melinda S. Harper, Ph.D. and Christine L. Allegretti, Ph.D. (Momentum Press). This program has now been revised for adult professionals to help them succeed in their transition to the workforce.


Popular Session Topics Include:

                                •Being Social Matters:  How to Connect, Network & “Never Eat Alone”

                                •Develop your Professional Brand (aka elevator speech!)

                                •How Social media is social capital and invest in your future

                                •How to Stand Out in a Pile:  What your resume says about you!

                                •Strategies for reducing performance anxiety on Interview Day

These sessions include an in-depth discussion of the topic and activities designed to educate attendees about skills necessary to effectively transition and succeed in the workplace such as:


•Identifying social styles and how to flex your communication behaviors to competing social styles


•Identifying 1,000 members in your network circle and learning techniques to build and/or develop those relationships (e.g., What is the Trust Quotient? How do I Execute the “Pinging” approach?)


•Enhancing your LinkedIn Profile from a “cold” introduction to “warm” relationships (e.g., how to you “cold-call” someone from your LinkedIn Profile?)


•How to tailor your resume to the job you want—how your (in)experience is a strength and reflects your future position!


 For those interesting in inviting Dr. Harper and her team of recognized successful business professionals to guest lecture, or participate in this seminar experience, please email or by phone at 704-364-0452 x3.

Melinda Harper, Ph. D. - Licensed Psychologist

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T2W (Transition to Work)

Professional Prep Seminar

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