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"Knowledge is Power".  We believe that educating yourself and learning more about the issues you face in your day-to-day lives is critcal for understanding, coping and personal progress. We have collected a number of articles here  from various sources, some written or co-sponsored by our staff.  If you don't see a topic you are looking for, contact us.


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Transition to Sucess: Training Students to Lead Peer Groups in Higher Education

(Harper & Allegretti, 2018)

Transition to Sucess: The Transition to University Program

(Harper & Allegretti, 2018)


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How Children Experience the Blended Family

Source:  Family Advocate, Jonathan Gould, Contributing Writer

Putting An End To Helicopter Parenting: Letting teens learn for themselves

Source:  Charlotte Parent Magazine,  Melinda Harper


Setting Limits and Curfew

Source:  Charlotte Parent Magazine, Melinda Harper


Transition to University: An Adjustment and Retention Program for First-year Students

Source:  Melinda Harper & Professor Christine Allegretti

Learn More about T2U


Social Networking and Respecting Privacy

Source:  Charlotte Parent Magazine, Melinda Harper


Specific-Questions Guide to Child Custody Investigations

Source:  Law Journal Newsletters


Including Children in Decision Making about Custodial Placement

Source:  Jonathan Gould and David A. Martindale


One, Two, Buckle My Shoe: Age-Appropriate Planning & Parenting

Source:  Jonathan Gould, Family Advocate


Ethics in Forensic Practice

Source:  Jonathan Gould, Handbook of Psychology


Parental Gatekeeping and Child Custody

Source:  Jonathan Gould


Forensic Evaluations in Civil Proceedings

Source:  Forensic Psychology Handbook 2013


Science, Mental Health Consultants, and Attorney- Expert Relationships in Child Custody

Source:  Family Law Quarterly, Volume 48, Number 1, Spring 2014- Jonathan Gould

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