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Forensic Services


Forensic psychology is a specialized area and those who have achieved competency in forensic psychological practice through formal study may seek board certification through the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP).  There are fewer than 300 board certified forensic psychologists in the United States.  Board certified forensic psychologists are also designated as holding a Diplomate in Forensic Psychology.


Forensic psychological practice refers to the ways in which psychology may be used to assist the legal system.  Forensic psychological activities typically include, but are not limited to, conducting psychological evaluations of an individual or a family for the court or for an attorney, providing expert testimony to the court, consulting with attorneys to assist in preparation for trial, assist attorneys in educating their clients who are engaged in child custody disputes about current research about child development and parenting plans.


In our practice, board certified forensic psychologist Dr. Jonathan Gould specializes in forensic psychological assessments in matters related to family law.  These assessments might include child custody evaluations and parental fitness evaluations.


Specialized evaluations frequently conducted by Dr. Gould within the context of a child custody assessment include:


•Relocation assessments

•Domestic violence assessments

•Child alienation assessments

•Child sexual abuse assessments

•Child custody evaluations

•Parental fitness evaluations

•Expert testimony

•Work product review

•Trial consultation

•Assist in drafting direct and cross examination questions

•Psychological aspects of legal strategy for trial

•Client/witness preparation

•Document review and summary

•Research psychological literature relevant to legal issues

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